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Creating a Sustainable Future - Conference July 2002
A Conference for senior secondary students - which is not a talk-fest

We, E.A.R.T.H. Inc, are planning a national live in residential conference for Senior Secondary students from rural and metropolitan schools in all school systems in July 2002.

The students will research and examine a range of environmental issues with the aid of a range of experts in the field, such as environmental research scientists, and then establish ongoing initiatives that will help to address some of the problems they have identified.

An Action Oriented Conference For Senior Secondary Students

This will be no ordinary conference. It will be based on a very successful, award-winning conference model that has had outstanding success in leading to real, constructive change.

From the first day all the participants inspire and empower one another, establishing action groups in which they use their particular talents to express their views, and support each other as they work towards development and implementation of their projects.

The five day residential conference will be held in July, 2002, and will culminate in a presentation where the students will use art, writing, public speaking, music and drama to present their findings and views to an audience of business, government and community leaders.

This is the opportunity for students to:

  • Join the organising committee or
  • Make an early expression of interest in taking take part in the Conference.

At this stage the student organising committee has established its own identity, working groups and is exploring a range of presenters and sponsors. Naturally much more needs to be done!

For further information on this exciting project please contact
Joseph Natoli SFSF (03) 9579-7224 or
Jenny Sharwood (03) 9816-3786

What will students gain?

  • Excellent leadership skills in planning and running the event
  • Building relationships with fellow students from all walks of life
  • Gaining understanding of a critical element of their future – Creating a Sustainable Future
  • Discovering and nurture skills in expression, art, drama and creativity
  • Having a powerful impact on an audience of business and political leaders
  • Gaining a sense of worth and belief in themselves as shapers of their own future.

We believe for the interested and committed student the experience of being a Conference organiser will be a highlight of their final years of education.



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