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April 2002 Update

Creating a Sustainable Future
A National Conference for Secondary Students
Newman College
University of Melbourne
2nd - 6th July 2002
Incorporated December 2001
Registered Number A0041965K

Introducing Earth Sustainability Conference Inc.
Earth Sustainability Conference Inc. is an inclusive, non-profit, non-affiliated network of educators, students, community leaders and members of the wider community. We are committed to challenging and enabling students in partnerships with others, to harness their energy, their talents, their creativity and their dreams to create a sustainable future. We are organising a national residential conference at the University of Melbourne which will bring students together to examine what is now recognised as the major issue of our time. This is a critical point in our history, where economic and spiritual poverty, racism, greed, lust for power and violence all impact on whether our global society and our Earth can continue to sustain life as we know it.

In an intellectual and artistic environment, students will develop critical, constructive and creative reflections and actions to these complex and crucial issues. Their work will be enriched and extended by exposure to the diversity, beliefs, dreams, gifts and experiences of the presenters and the other participants.

This event is currently actively supported by the Australian Catholic University, the Brotherhood of St. Laurence, Schools for a Sustainable Future, Mater Christi College, Xavier College and the Dioceses of Melbourne and Sale Catholic Education Offices.

We are unique in that a group of students from all school sectors in Victoria are playing a key role in every stage of the planning and management of the conference. These students come from Avila College, Cobden Technical College, Koonung Secondary College, Lowther Hall, Mater Christi College, Methodist Ladies' College, Star of the Sea College and Xavier College. This ensures that the issues and activities are relevant to the young people who will participate, and that they know that their ideas, responses and beliefs will be listened to, respected and where possible, acted upon. It also ensures that that the conference atmosphere will be one of inclusion, acceptance, encouragement, support and co-operation. Students will be able to build leadership skills, their sense of worth and the belief in themselves as shapers of the future. They will be able to return to their schools and communities empowered to contribute in informed and effective ways.

Please visit the website that the students have created at

All other enquiries to:
Australian Catholic University
Mrs. Jenny Sharwood
Dr Caroline Smith

Phone/fax : (03) 9816 3786
Phone/voicemail: (03) 9953 3281


"Monash council is keen to see local students becoming the sustainability leaders of tomorrow. We are offering sponsorship for up to 4 students from local schools.

Please Contact Lynelle marks on 9518-3423 for a sponsorship application."

Local business and organisations who want to support or take part in this Conference are also welcome to contact

Lynelle Marks


Local Organiser
Joseph Natoli
(03) 9579 7224



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