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Creating a Sustainable Future
A National Conference for Secondary Students
Newman College
University of Melbourne
2nd - 6th July 2002



Dear Principal/Head of Senior School,

We invite you to select two students to attend our national, residential student conference for Years 10-12: "Creating A Sustainable Future". We particularly encourage you to select students who have a deep concern about the future of our planet, and who have a background in student leadership or community involvement or have a flair for journalism, creative writing, the visual or performing arts or other forms of communication. The conference is only open to school delegates. It has been planned by a team of students and educators from all sectors* and has already attracted the interest of Principals and other professionals across Australia.

Research shows that many young people envisage a future of barren, overcrowded landscapes dominated by towering apartment buildings, and where Nature is seen only in museums. In this conference young people will empower each other to create a far more hopeful and positive image of their future and to translate this into dynamic responses for sustainable, constructive change in their local and global communities.

This is a conference with a difference!
We will provide a supportive, nurturing and inclusive environment to enable young people to express and hear many points of view. Imagine the air of excitement as they live together in an historic Hall of Residence at one of Australia's leading Universities, having dinner with outstanding Australians, discussing and debating the greatest issues of our time. Imagine these young people working side by side on their own dreaming through creating drama, poetry, music, art and website presentations to inspire and teach today's decision-makers. Imagine the inspiration they could offer your school and community on their return. This is our vision!

Enclosed are a flier, information about the organisers, brochures and application forms. Please consider sponsoring one or two of your students to participate in this important conference.

Application forms and a non-refundable deposit of $100 per person are due by 31 March, 2002. The full fee is $550 per person, with an early Bird discounted fee of $500, if paid in full by 31 March.

Further information is provided in the enclosed material, including contact details for further enquiries. You may also wish to visit our website:

Yours sincerely,

The organising committee


'Organising committee Students from Melbourne schools; Jenny Sharwood, Education Consultant; Tom Lester, Koonung Secondary College; Nicola Sabbadini, Lowther Hall; Cathie Meyenn, Xavier College; Joe Natoli, Schools for a Sustainable Future; Basil Varghese, Brotherhood of St. Lawrence; Caroline Smith, ACU.



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