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Major Sponsor

"The SFSF Econewsletter is one great way to highlight your work
in reducing waste and recycling resources."

Parks Victoria
Throughout the world there is growing recognition of the vital contribution parks make to a healthy environment, to the health of individuals and to a healthy society.

Victorians are very fortunate to have inherited a world-class parks and reserves system, now accounting for more than 16% of Victoria’s land mass.

Parks Victoria is responsible for managing these marvelous national, state, regional, reservoir and major metropolitan parks and conservation reserves. Many well known historic properties and gardens, and Melbourne’s bays and major waterways, are also managed by Parks Victoria.

Our role is to protect the natural and cultural values of the parks and other assets we manage, while providing a great range of outdoor opportunities for all Victorians and visitors.


Have you experienced
one of Victoria’s National Parks, or explored your local park recently?

As one of the major sponsors of this years EcoNewsletter Parks Victoria help of thousands of volunteers and environment groups continually protects and enhance these natural treasures and encourages people to use them as places to reconnect with nature.

Parks Victoria would like children who have been to a Park either with their school, or their family to write a story about their visit for their school EcoNewsletter complete with photos. Your story could cover the following points:

  • What was the most interesting or exciting parts of your park experience?
  • What types of animals or plants did you see?
  • Did you hear any interesting stories or facts from the Park Ranger?
  • What will you most remember about your visit?

Prizes will be awarded to the:

  • Best individual story
  • Best Class story

Furthermore your stories could be part of a special publication highlighting the experiences of young people in our parks. So when your group is planning its EcoNewsletter see if you can encourage at least one exciting story about your visit to a Parks Victoria park.


Larissa Judd
Education Program Co-ordinator
Parks Victoria

Teachers if you decide to make the “My Visit to a Park” essay a big project and receive more stories than you can publish in the EcoNewsletter you can pop stories directly onto the Parks Victoria Education website @

Alternatively you can send copies to:
Larissa Judd
40 Gordons Road, South Morang 3752


All entries will be considered for prizes and publication.

For further information call the Parks Victoria Information Centre on 13 1963
or visit

Parks Victoria - SFSF Econewsletter


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