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Giving our young people a voice.
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Hi Everyone,

Schools for a Sustainable Future works with schools and the community on a range of practical environmental projects.

A key project this year is inviting schools across Victoria (and beyond) to produce their own local environment magazine.

This activity will:

Provide a focus for student writing, research and information technology skills
Highlight current environment activities in our schools
Encourage our community to become more aware of many important environment issues - as seen through the eyes of our children.

SFSF is asking for your support and encouragement.

Major sponsors for the newsletter will be warmly recognised in hundreds of thousands of homes. Similarly local supporters will play an important role in ensuring that their local schools newsletter is effectively published and distributed. You may even have an opportunity of writing a short story yourself!


Your Opportunities

Being a Major Sponsor. Your organisations will be recognised on all community newsletters, promotional material and the SFSF website (which schools will have to access to find out the important details of the program) Cost $2000.

Offering prizes for participating schools. We will not be having single large prizes. Instead we intend to recognise as many school participants as possible with smaller awards. We wish to focus on environmental products or services. You will be recognised as a supporter on the newsletter and associated material.

Supporting local schools with publication and distribution. SFSF will establish a data base of business who are prepared to directly support local schools with a donation of $150 to cover costs. Your support will be recognised in the schools particular newsletter.

Encouraging your local school community to participate in the project.


Click on these links to view the school flier, see an example of the recognition your support will obtain or to register your interest via our online form.

This is a rare opportunity to take an active role in what will be a quality community led environmental project.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Yours sincerely,


Joseph Natoli
Project Director
25th August 2001

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Major Sponsors


What is your school doing to minimise waste?

Parks Victoria

Have you experienced one of Victoria’s National Parks, or explored your local park recently?.
Parks Victoria - Major Sponsor - SFSF Econewsletter


Have you read their recent release, natural advantage?

Australian Conservation Foundation

5 School memberships to Earthkids
- primary schools (includes 25 copies Bilby Bulletin plus Habitat)

5 School memberships to Next generation
- secondary schools (includes 25 copies Revive plus Habitat)

Total Value $590

Bulleen Art & Garden

30 large Australian trees

Value $250


CERES Environmental Park in Brunswick
is offering
a free full day Energy or Environmental Program

(one class of up to 30 students)

Value $240

Hands on Learnscapes

Subscription to Learnscapes newsletter
Copy of Schools CD

Value $60

Monash Council

Reln Worm bin and worms
12 Monash Council carry bags

Value $100

Royal Botanic Gardens - Melbourne - Australia

The Royal Botanic Gardens

A one hour session at The Royal Botanic Gardens
with an Education Officer.

Students will:

  • develop plant propagation skills
  • learn aspects of successful herb gardening
  • discover good gardening practices including composting and garden maintenance

Presented by The Royal Botanic Gardens Education Service

Schools For a Sustainable Future

One Worming into the Community Program
for a Melbourne based school

Value $1,000

Wharington International Pty. Ltd

One tub for planting tree

Value $100

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