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Joseph Natoli, SFSF Project Director, surrounded by happy, enthusiastic children
About Southmoor Primary School & Learnscapes Seminar

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About Southmoor
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Seminar Registration Form
Developing School Environmental Projects SFSF

Registration cost is $80. Includes Lunch.
For schools up to three additional members may attend for an additional $10 each.

Fax or Mail registration to SFSF/Learnscapes Seminar
C/0 Oakleigh Sth P.S. RileyStreet, Oakleigh Sth 3167
Phone 03 9579-7224 Fax 9579-6153

Name ___________________________ Surname ____________________________

Organisation_________________________________________ No of attendees ____

Mailing Address ________________________________________________________

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Tel:_______________________________ Fax_________________________________

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Please make cheques payable to Schools for a Sustainable Future.