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Hands On Learnscapes Seminar
Transforming your school grounds into an inspiring
learning environment.

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About Southmoor Primary School
         Learnscapes Background


"The world around us is the best teacher.
Turning Maths, Science, Art or English into practical hands on activities offers outstanding opportunities for students to recognise the value of learning."



The Hands on Learnscapes Seminar at Southmoor P.S. will highlight the benefits of developing school grounds for learning.

With a wide ranging portfolio of slides, photographs, concept plans, designs and discussion the Learnscapes consultants will offer a comprehensive overview of what is possible to create in your environment.

In particular the day will outline how your school can involve students teachers and your community in developing a long term plan that will make yours a uniquely valuable school.

Schools for A Sustainable Future is offering special concessions to encourage schools to send additional parents and students to the day.

If your school intends to involve the whole community in its educational future this presentation is a must for everyone.

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  • Principals, parents, teachers and students keen to use the whole school as part of their learning program.
  • Council officials interested in providing professional support for schools wanting to develop their grounds.
  • Businesses interested in supporting local school projects.
  • Curriculum consultants concerned with whole school learning programs.
  • Educationalists interested in developing strucures for integrated learning environments.

About Southmoor Primary School
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In the past five years Southmoor has:

  • Established a vegetable and flower garden for their Prep-2 program.
  • Integrated a total school recycling program into the vegetable gardens.
  • Developed a wetlands as central school feature.
    This is integrated into the school, the curriculum and the lives of the whole comunity.
  • Used Informaton Technology to highlight the effectiveness of their environmental projects.
  • And much, more more!

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As Principal of Harwood Island P.S. in Northern NSW Helen Tyas Tunggal developed rainforests, vegetable gardens, recylcing centres etc which were systematically incorporated in the schools curriculum learning areas.

After retiring as Principal, Helen established The Schools Learnscapes Trust to offer a framework for assisting other schools transform their grounds into exciting, attractive and dynamic learning environments. The structure includes skilled consultants, a Hands On Learnscapes Video, accompanying CD Curriculum package and a quarterly Learnscapes newsletter.

The Hands On Learnscapes team has now worked with over 40 schools helping plan and implement an outstanding range of integrated projects.

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19th July
10am - 3pm

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Southmoor P.S. Rica St Moorabbin


$70 (Concessions available)

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