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Maroondah City Council
January 2000

Maroondah City Council

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The Future Starts Here
Bayswater North Primary School

Bayswater North Primary School children preparing to establish new native gardens

Bayswater North Primary school has a wide-ranging environmental program - a major part of which is Operation Restoration commenced in 1995 to restore the original understory along the southern boundary of the school.

Operation Restoration

Students are planting an indigenous corridor which will extend around the fence line of the school. Our children identify plants, collect seeds from local areas and propagate them. We have our own propagating house which has become the core of our environmental program.

A key supporter of operation restoration has been CandleBark Nursery and their nursery manger Debbie McGrath. Debbie's enthusiastic and practical support has been invaluable in assisting our school to nurture the hundreds of plants required to restore our environment.

Recycling with worms

In 1997 our school was supported by Maroondah Council and EcoRecycle to join the Worming into the Community program. The program was very successful in inspiring our students to recycle their organic waste as well as paper and other recyclables. The worm castings have been fed back into the planting project so we have really closed the loop!

Through the worm and waste program many children have their own worm farms at home that they established at school.

Environment for the whole school

Our Environmental program runs across all grades. Our Preps and other grades often work with the Grades 5/6 during planting times. Grade 6 has the responsibility of setting up and monitoring the worm farm and waste reduction program.

Meanwhile our Grade 4's carry out Stream Watch while the Grade 5/6 class has established an environment club. One of the really big achievements of 1999 was the efforts of the Grade 5 classes who enlisted the whole schools energies to collect milk cartons as tree guards for local tree planting. We collected (and washed, counted and stackedů) 3000 cartons.

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