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January 2000

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Become a Waste Wise School

Kerryn Schrank - Least Waste Education Officer

Approximately 90 schools in the Eastern Region are working towards becoming Waste Wise through participating in programs such as Schools For a Sustainable Future, the Waste Wise Schools Program and Wastemin Education Program.

These primary and secondary schools are actively working to avoid and minimise waste, reuse and recycle materials and compost organics and in doing so, diverting useful materials from landfill and helping them save money.

Least waste (the Eastern Regional Waste Management Group) together with its member Councils, the Cities of Knox, Manningham, Maroondah, Whitehorse and Shire of Yarra Ranges, acknowledge the significant role that schools play in facilitating long term community change.

With approximately 260 primary and secondary schools in the Eastern Region of Melbourne, schools make up a large sector of the community. As a result, Least waste and its member Councils are contributing significant resources and support to encourage schools to incorporate litter and waste components in their curriculum and adopt waste conscious operating practices.

To officially recognise the schools minimising litter and waste, Least waste and EcoRecycle Victoria are giving schools the opportunity to 'sign up' and receive a certificate of commitment to becoming Waste Wise.

Being a Waste Wise School provides a marketing edge and positively impacts on enrolments as it lets parents know your school meets a standard of excellence in waste minimisation.

For more information contact

Kerryn Schrank
Least waste Education Officer
Phone: (03) 9874 4633   Fax: (03) 9874 4677


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