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Joseph Natoli, SFSF Project Director, surrounded by happy, enthusiastic children
Monash City Council
February 2000

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Environmental projects are alive and sparkling at
Mount Waverley Primary School

In May 1998 Grade 3 decided to really put into practice the "Reduce Reuse and Recycle" ideas that they had been introduced to in their class activities.

Monash City Council sponsored us in the Schools for a Sustainable Future project that introduced us to WORMS.

The children named their worm families and took them home to fatten. We discovered the worms loved mashed potato.


How could we involve the whole school in our project?

We brainstormed how to rev up the students - puppets, stories, songs, prizes. Students in pairs volunteered to become 'Coaches for a class'.


The Waste Audit

Boxes, buckets, labels, scales - our waste audit was underway. Then the worm family arrived. Soon the worm keepers were busy mixing up worm porridge. The worms love it.

We started a compost bin to help with our waste reduction project. All classes competed for the best waste sorting with the best winning mystery prizes.


New projects

  • No dig gardens. Each Grade 3 and 4 class has their own no dig garden using worm castings from the worm farm as fertilizer.
  • Paper Recycling Grade 6 children are supervising our paper recycling. The friendly people at Softex provided the school with boxes and wheelie bins to ensure the paper was recycled properly.
  • We have a propagation shed which some classes have used to grow plants. In 2000 we hope to liaise with local groups to start propagating plants for our school ground.
  • Our canteen encourages recycling of small plastic bottles by refunding 5c for each bottle returned to the canteen.
Alma Brand
Mt Waverley P.S.
Ph: (03) 9807 1480

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