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The Calico Bag Revolution
Bonza Bags introduces a simple and ingenious way to raise funds for your school's environmental project!


Ah - the humble plastic bag! So unremarkable in appearance - but, in common with its human inventor, its sheer numbers make it very environmentally destructive. Only twenty years ago, the brown paper bag was the preferred mode of transport for our supermarket fruit and veg. Now, in 1998, approximately 2.5 billion plastic bags are used in Australian supermarkets each year. This means over 48 million per week, nearly 7 million per day. And where do they all end up? Eventually, no matter how many times they're reused, at the tip. Waste, waste, waste. Piles of it.

What we need is an alternative which is durable, can be reused indefinitely, and when its time is up will naturally merge, with a minimum of fuss, into the ground from whence it came. The simple calico bag is the answer. Humbler than the plastic bag (it's made from natural fibres), much stronger and much more attractive, the calico bag has been around for decades.

Bonza Bags, an Australian manufacturer of high quality calico bags, is offering a creative way for schools to fundraise for their Schools For a Sustainable Future environmental project.

Through this fundraising arrangement, your school benefits in two major ways. Firstly, it raises the funds it needs turn its vision for an environmental project into reality. Secondly, it creates community awareness and recognition of your school's leadership in addressing environmental issues.

How it Works...

Your school's name and envisaged environmental project are printed on one side of the calico bags. These personalised calico bags are then sold through students and teachers to your school community, and through local retail outlets to the wider community.

It's an excellent promotional opportunity for your school: these practical, versatile bags will carry your message for the term of their natural life (which, given their durability, is likely to be a long time!) And, with a margin of approximately $1.00 per bag, it represents a great way for schools to easily raise a significant amount of money for their chosen environmental project.

It's also a great opportunity for community-minded businesses to demonstrate support for their local school and the environment. Businesses, community organisations or parent groups can sponsor the production costs in exchange for advertising on the reverse side of the bag. Through this small outlay, you can ensure that 100% of the income from the bags goes towards the school's environmental project - and the local community will clearly see where your values, as a business or organisation, lie.

Everyone wins in this project: your school gains recognition and funding for its environmental project, and retailers and sponsors gain positive, ongoing, community publicity through association with the project. Our environment, however, is the big winner: through the valuable funds raised, our children receive education in how to best care for the environment so that it provides ample sustenance for their futures. And of course, more calico bags mean less plastic bags to damage our land and seas.

For more information on how to become involved in this school promotion and fundraising project, please contact Schools For a Sustainable Future (03) 9579-7224.

Bonza Bags was established in 1990 with the mission of producing a low-cost advertising and promotional medium (the calico bag) to achieve both environmental and business aims. The bags are made from unbleached calico and hard-wearing jute webbing, and are designed as a hand or comfortable shoulder bag. Bonza Bags are so sure of the quality of their product that they offer a twelve month guarantee for every bag purchased. The company has also taken on the challenge of cheap imports - both their bags and vending machines are Australian designed and manufactured.

Bonza Bags can be contacted on:

Bonza Bags, PO Box 115, Cowes, Victoria, Australia   3922.
Ph: (03)  5952-5772   Fax:(03)  5952- 3637



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