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Gumleaf Aromatics

committed to a sustainable future

Gumleaf Head Office
by Chris Phillips
Gumleaf Aromatics Australia


In supporting this SFSF program we believe that we are trying to make a difference.

Gumleaf Aromatics had its beginnings in the early 1970's.  As an idealistic young man, disillusioned with the social system and the employment prospects before me, I took to my favourite pass-time, working with wood, and began a business as a wood sculptor and wood turner.

I began selling my work at weekly markets, the most popular line proved to be a candleholder.  In response to increasing customer requests, I began making candles.  The difference between my candles and the majority in the market was fragrance.  The response to my fragrant candles was remarkable, and as time passed, customers' expectations and comments led to the development of other fragrant products.

Our range of products steadily expanded to include a pioneering range of environmentally friendly, CFC Free, non-pressure pack Natural air fresheners and a Natural insect repellent based on essential oils.  Later came essential and fragrant oils, massage oils, pot pourri, incense, and vegetable soaps as consumer demand and interest in our products increased.  Most recently our 'Gumleaf Aromatics' range has been joined by a range of products dedicated to aromatherapy called 'Gumleaf Essentials'; an exotic and tropical range of products called 'Touch of Paradise'; two product ranges, 'FernGully' and 'Country Scents' catering for the budget minded; and a wide selection of products under the name of 'Designer' with fragrances inspired by the exclusive perfume houses of the world.

From the outset in business it has been my intention to manufacture products that are of the highest quality and not environmentally damaging.

None of our products have been tested on animals or contain animal products and wherever possible only natural vegetable derived ingredients are used.  A commitment to innovative research, quality product development and state of the art production equipment has established Gumleaf Aromatics as a market leader.   We are continually striving for excellence, and above all we recognise that the most important element in our business is our customers.  What began as a one-man backyard business has blossomed into a family owned Australian company which not only distributes throughout Australia but exports to 10 countries in Europe, Asia and the Pacific.

Over the years I've seen a welcome but slow shift toward environmental awareness on the part of both consumers and manufacturers.   Consumer demands and expectations have essentially driven changes in industry whether it be the 'user friendliness' of computer software, the size and shape of a shampoo bottle, or the driving comfort of a motor car.

If children are taught to be more aware of their environment at an early age and the ways in which they impact upon it, then as they grow to adulthood their choices as consumers will drive the positive changes essential for a sustainable future.

Gumleaf Aromatics is very proud to be associated with Schools For a Sustainable Future and I sincerely welcome the opportunity of supporting such a worthwhile community program.  Through SFSF, schools are able to directly tackle environmental projects in their neighbourhood and will receive recognition for their initiatives.  The program not only fosters a broader public awareness of environmental issues but places power in the hands of our children to bring about positive change in their local environment.  In supporting this program I believe that we are trying to make a difference.  We are trying to encourage our current and future generations to be proactive in tackling the environmental issues which face us all.   Therein lies the promise of change.



Part of our support is offering schools in the SFSF network the opportunity to raise funds for their environmental projects through the sale of Gumleaf Aromatics products to family and friends.  Our promotional literature is intended to highlight the necessity for environmental action and the project that your school is undertaking in meeting this challenge.



  • High profit margins available on the products to the participating schools.

  • Support material which promotes the school's role in practical environmental activity.

  • The fundraising products are a selection of gift and personal care items of excellent quality and value.

  • Special prize for school that raises the most over a full year.

  • Incentive prize for school that develops the most innovative project.


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