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synergy vol 1 issue 1

Synergy Issue 1, Mar 1998

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Jump Max!  Jump!
Before it's too late!
(The unfortunate frog story)

The story of Max and Cecilia, the green tree-frogs who had a rendezvous with a pot of boiling water, is well known; but it's such an illuminating story that we've decided to tell it again!

Max and Cecilia were captured one day by a gourmet cook while she was tramping through a beautiful rainforest, searching for some good bush tucker for her dinner. The cook decided to eat the unfortunate tree-frogs; but first she decided to conduct an experiment to find out the tastiest way to cook green tree-frogs. Poor Max was put into a big pot of cold water, which was slowly brought to the boil. Unaware of the gradual change in temperature until it was too late, Max died.

Cecilia, on the other hand, was dropped - plop! - into the water when it had reached full boil. The shock of the hot water was so great that Cecilia immediately jumped out, and shot straight through an open window and back into the rainforest (where she lived a long, happy and peaceful life, and was never again disturbed by hungry green tree-frog eating gourmet cooks!).

Our society's situation is a bit like Max's: unaware of the gradual escalation of our environmental predicament, we may one day be too numbed to take action. We must remain aware- we must jump out of the pot, or we must turn off the gas - while we still can.



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