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Sustainable Solutions
...turning 'problems' into opportunities

When   Alan Pears and Peter Brotherton decided to register the business name, Sustainable Solutions in 1990, they feared someone might have had the foresight to have already nabbed it.  Fortunately, they were wrong; then, as now, most people viewed environmental issues as problems requiring a reactive, trade-off response, rather than as opportunities to seek sustainable solutions which optimise environmental, economic and social outcomes.

Nearly   eight years on, Australia's 'cleanest, greenest and most lateral-thinking' environmental consultancy has undertaken hundreds of sustainability projects for clients from government, industry, community groups and educational institutions.  Projects include development of environmental action plans for the Commonwealth environment department and Australia's largest university; developing an energy and waste minimisation manual for the eco-tourism industry; developing the SECV energy-saving manual for schools; designing energy and water-efficient dishwashers; developing green home guidelines; and involvement in major consultation processes for the Coode Island Review Panel and National Advisory Body on Scheduled Wastes.

Sustainable Solutions is best known, however, for its ground-breaking educational materials showing how households, businesses and schools can make large and profitable cuts in green-house gas emissions.  A series of booklets "Home Greenhouse Saver", "Work Greenhouse Saver" and "School Greenhouse Saver" have been produced by the Victorian EPA (Ph: +61 03 9628 5622).  The first of these was updated, expanded and released by Environment Australia as "Global Warming - Cool it!" (Ph: 1800 803 72) last year.  An innovative computer software package "The Australian Home Greenhouse Scorecard" has been developed with support from EPA Victoria.  This user-friendly program allows students to estimate the contributions of activities to household greenhouse gas emissions, then explore ways of reducing emissions.

Sustainable Solutions is pleased to be among the early supporters of Schools For a Sustainable Future and looks forward to its growing success. If you have an environmental opportunity needing to be given life (even if it looks like a problem) please contact us at: 47 Prentice Street, Elsternwick,Victoria, Australia 3185.
Phone: (03) 9528-1957
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