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The Victorian Association of Environmental Education (VAEE) is a body which promotes and supports the development of environmental education in schools and in the community.  The organisation aims to achieve this by helping people to develop awareness, knowledge, skills, values and responsible actions to protect our environment.

VAEE runs a number of programs and activities to achieve its aims.  Most notably, it organises professional development days for teachers, and produces various publications including Eingana, VAEE's quarterly magazine.   VAEE also has an internet site which publishes extracts from Eingana and general VAEE news.  The next edition of Eingana focuses on marine and coastal issues, in recognition of the International Year of the Ocean.

Ideas for student environmental projects (March 23rd)

is an upcoming one day VAEE program for primary and secondary students interested in motivating others to develop environmentally-friendly practices.

  It will be run at the Royal Melbourne Zoo from 12:30 to 3:00pm.  All teachers will receive the new VAEE publication, so you want to start an environment club.

The costs are students $10, teachers $30 (VAEE members) or $35 (non-members).  Students must be accompanied by an adult.

Other new releases for 1998 include an environmental series produced with the Gould League.  These practical books have been written using the Department of Education Course Advice topics.  The series features:

  1. Parks and Gardens, for Preps and Year 1;
  2. Trees, for Years 3 and 4;
  3. Exploring the Oceans, for Years 7 to 10;
  4. >Australians and Tourism, for Years 9 and 10.

VAEE regularly works with other organisations to develop programs to assist schools to develop sustainable practices.  Organisations working in environmental education are listed in VAEE's Environmental Education Contacts Directory 1997-1998.

A new program being initiated in 1998 is the Ford One Planet Awards.   To qualify for an award, students must identify an environmental issue and demonstrate actions to either resolve the issue or deliver an environmentally-friendly outcome.  All students and schools taking part in the project will receive recognition of participation.  A festival, featuring selected projects, will be held at Scienceworks from October 31st to November 6th.  Awards will be presented to students, schools and a One Planet Inspirational Teacher.

Keep Australia Beautiful is soon to release a book for schools on how to undertake energy and water audits in your school.  The book will be sent to schools in celebration of World Environment Week.

World Environment Week is becoming a feature on the school calendar.   During this week VAEE will be running a 'rubbish-free lunch'.  Importantly, the week will feature the release of the Department of Education's new Environmental Education Policy.  This long-awaited policy will give schools direction in what comprises good environmental education, from the school charter through to good classroom practice.

With the release of the new policy, VAEE will be able to further assist individual schools to develop their environmental education program, and to incorporate sustainable practices in the operation of the school.

The Victorian Association For Environmental Education can be contacted on ph: (03) 9428-9812, fax:  (03) 9428-0313, email:  vaee@netspace.net.au



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