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synergy vol 1 issue 2

Synergy Issue 2, Oct 1999

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SFSF Schools in Nillumbik

This year Nillumbik Shire Council has supported environmental projects in four schools as part of their commitment to encouraging sustainability in the local community.The schools, Diamond Creek East P.S., Diamond Creek P.S., Panton Hills Ps, and Plenty Valley Christian school have enthusiastically embraced the SFSF Worming into the Community program.

Apart from the practical aspects of learning about worms and becoming leaders in setting up school wide recycling and waste reduction activities each school has extended its activities in unique ways.


Panton Hills P.S.

At Panton Hills P.S. Grade 4-5 students with teacher Frances Bonnici have undertaken some of the most interesting and exciting experiments with worms I have seen in my years on this project.


Diamond Creek East

At Diamond Creek East Theresa Liddle is working with students to see how their local communities can reduce the waste the put into their tips. They are looking at designing their own special waste reduction fliers and seeing if they can't make a real change in their community.


Diamond Creek P.S.

Diamond Creek P.S ( teacher Jackie Edsall) is also following a similar path to entrench the learning her students have already achieved in the classroom.


Plenty Valley Christian School

Meanwhile at Plenty Valley Christian school teachers Richard Wallis and Kirsty Flett have a fully fledged enviro club which is making sure all the classes keep up their recycling habits.

We look forward to these schools displays and presentations at the Annual Presentation Day on October 15th. Their dispalys and presentations will be very inspiring.



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