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synergy vol 1 issue 2

Synergy Issue 2, Oct 1999

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Towards a Sustainable Future at Norwood Secondary College

Students taking part in testing of Mullum Mullum Creek
as an activity of the Stream Watch Program.

Norwood Secondary College is a member of
Schools for a Sustainable Future.

We have been very active in running environment projects, which are nurturing positive attitudes among students and the community.

Pictured above students are taking part in testing of Mullum Mullum Creek as an activity of the Stream Watch Program.

Stream Watch is just one of the activities of the Norwood Environment Club.

Greening the Grounds

Students are involved in planning new gardens, growing plants, and maintaining existing areas.

They have a small fenced area where they maintain an organic vegetable garden and hot house.

Much of the produce ends up in the sandwiches that students purchase at the College canteen.

Waste and Energy

As a School for a Sustainable Future, we are finding ways of reducing the College's impact on the environment. The students and teachers are encouraged to use the paper and cardboard recycling bins, located in all classrooms and offices.

Once a month Visy collects this waste for recycling.

A new recycling program, established in Term 3 1998, reduces our organic waste by using a large Worm Composter.

Currently we are composting around 50 - 60 kg of food scraps per week, that students and staff deposit in specially labelled bins.

Our Environment Club students collect these bins daily and feed the worms once a week.

We estimate that over 2000 kg has been composted since its inception. The giant worm composter is only half filled!

The senior students of the Environment Committee are currently undertaking an energy audit and preparing an Energy Management Policy so the College can become an Accredited Energy Smart School.

Stream Watch

Streamwatch is a schools and community water quality monitoring program that is about taking an active interest in our local waterways.

Students from our environment club regularly check the water quality of Mullum Mullum Creek.

They have been trained, during their lunchtimes, to test for pH, turbidity, dissolved oxygen and identifying macro-invertebrates.



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