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synergy vol 1 issue 2

Synergy Issue 2, Oct 1999

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Schools as Leaders in Sustainability

The Oakleigh Sth Sustainability Project

Oakleigh Sth Annual Fete.
A great way of bringing the school community together.

If our society ever takes the issue of sustainability seriously the first place to start would be in our schools. How can we be serious about creating a quality environmental future for our children if we are not prepared to educate them in such an environment?

In 2000 Oakleigh Sth Primary School is moving to a new location - the old Sth Oakleigh Secondary College.

The move will an exciting opportunity to upgrade facilities that have been very stretched by the growth of Oakleigh Sth P.S. in the past five years.

The intention of SFSF, Genesis Automation and Oakleigh Sth P.S. is to provide a test and promotion location for sustainable technologies.

We are looking for applications which can save schools money, provide curriculum value for students and test and promote appropriate sustainable technologies to local communities.

Schools for a Sustainable Future is committed to encouraging schools to be leaders in sustainable practices while Genesis Automation is viewing the exercise as a worthwhile community project with important pay offs in promoting quality technology in a practical setting.

Our current "wish list" of technologies is focused on reducing schools energy costs and perhaps even making some money!

Our initial priorities are:

  • Establishing cost effective savings to current energy and water costs through best practice technology and management practices.
  • Ensuring that building practices are energy efficient.
  • Developing a monitoring system that will measure energy and water usage and current costs.
  • Establishing a photovoltaic system that can generate significant amounts of energy to both defray current energy costs and export energy to the grid during summer.

There is also an excellent opportunity to incorporate scores of innovations that can help our community move to a more sustainable practices.

If you have a product or service that will meet the needs of schools and their communities and is environmental friendly this project offers an outstanding opportunity to achieve widespread publicity.

For further information please contact Joseph Natoli on (03) 9579-7224.


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