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... Back to our Roots
by Joseph Natoli

When was the last time you spent time in an ancient forest that had the full splendour of millions of years of evolution? Looked at impossibly large trees and felt the timelessness of their history?  Relaxed back into your roots?

Last November, a friend and I took our sons to Goolengook forest, in East Gippsland, for the Forests Forever Camp.  Up until then I was "aware" of the issue of the destruction of our rainforests; but during that weekend, I think I came to appreciate what we were actually losing.

It is hard to describe your feelings when you see magnificent trees and whole areas destroyed and burnt.

Not selectively logged.  Not even used for woodchips.  Just trashed.

It was even more unsettling to discover, from highly specialised researchers, the effects of the current forest policy on the ecosystem of Goolengook.  And for what reason?

The environmental, economic and political issues of the wanton destruction of irreplaceable natural systems is beyond the scope of this introduction.  For that reason, beginning with this issue, Synergy will be featuring a series of articles on the ecology, politics, economics and environmental consequences of the destruction of these ancient forests.

The 'March of Progress' has destroyed many beautiful ecosystems.  Have we learnt enough to save Goolengook?


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