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It’s a Green, Greenworld!

Greenworld is one of a growing number of businesses which represent a new breed of enterprising minds.


Ethics, ingenuity and environmental imperatives characterise what is set to become a dominant niche market of the next century...


Nowadays almost everyone prefers to be environmentally aware when it comes to purchasing the goods we need to maintain our lives. Given the high price of many eco-friendly options, however (just take a look at supermarket laundry powders, for instance!), many of us - well-intentioned though we may be - choose to honour the reality of our bank-balance rather than the less immediate reality of the ecological crisis.

However, there are some exceptions to the rule that eco-friendly equals expensive. Greenworld, a maker of environmentally-sensitive office products, is one example of a company which has managed to combine environmental imperatives with economic sense.

Greenworld was established in 1992 with the aim of providing high quality products with environmental benefits. Its products are designed to reduce waste, cut energy consumption, and make creative use of recycled materials.

Greenworld aims to be an integral part of Schools For a Sustainable Future, an organisation, whose vision for a sustainable future it shares.

The products offered by Greenworld are used by many staff and students in schools and businesses throughout Victoria. Products include remanufactured laser cartridges, refilled inkjet cartridges, GreenDisk floppy disks and the most environmentally-friendly printer on the market - the Kyocera Ecosys Printer.

Greenworld’s GreenDisk won the 1995 recycling section of the Banksia Foundation Environmental Awards, rewarding Greenworld’s commitment to its environmental goals. The GreenDisk is a duplication grade floppy disk that has technically been used once and has never been in a computer. It is remade from a new unused software disk supplied by a leading software company, and is good for an estimated 30,000 uses.

The laser cartridges remanufactured by Greenworld carry an unqualified customer satisfaction warranty. Greenworld’s compatible cartridges are of a very high quality and have a success rate of 97.5% - approximately the same as a new Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) cartridge. A Greenworld remanufactured cartridge offers two outstanding benefits: firstly, it saves approximately 3.5 litres of oil per cartridge (the amount of oil required to make the plastic components of a new cartridge), meaning that less waste and greenhouse gas emissions are generated. Secondly, the price of a Greenworld cartridge is well below the price of a new OEM cartridge. So by choosing a remanufactured cartridge, you can help the environment and cut your office costs.

The Kyocera Ecosys laser printers are the ultimate in green printers on the Australian market, and are the only printers endorsed by the Australian Conservation Foundation. Ecosys printers are high quality laser printers with the lowest print cost per page of any printer available in Australia.

Greenworld also supplies a range of other office products, including refilled and new inkjet cartridges, new laser cartridges, computer ribbons and blank compact disks. The low-cost printer servicing offered by Greenworld is generally available as a same day service in urgent cases.

Given the necessity of office products in today’s world, it is heartening to know that alternatives are readily available and economically viable.

For further information on Greenworld please phone (03) 9545 0700 or visit their website.



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