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Joseph Natoli, SFSF Project Director, surrounded by happy, enthusiastic children
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Our Vision

Our children will inherit the future. The five year old in prep will face the realities of global warming, resources depletion and short sighted development along with the rest of us. How will they cope with the realities? And how do we explain what happened?

Perhaps the answer is simple: save our words, and instead teach by example. For the way forward is clear. We need long-term and deep-reaching environmental change. Schools for a Sustainable Future (SFSF) is a strategy designed to unite various sectors of local communities under a common "umbrella" to achieve this goal. Our vision is to bring together schools, local business and the community, to promoate and implement programs that preserve our resources and environment for our children's future.

SFSF Aims to:

  • Support and promote schools working towards sustainability.
  • Support and promote business working towards sustainability.
  • Encourage sustainability to community, business, councils and schools.
  • Develop practical sustainability projects for schools that achieve educational (curriculum) and environmental goals.
  • Run projects in schools, providing 'hands-on' support for teachers.

Over the past 4 years, with the invaluable support of local Councils and busineeses, SFSF has worked with over 70 schools. Through the enthusiasm and hard work of their teachers and students each school has become a unique environmental leader. The task for the community now is to recognise their efforts and expand our environmental vision.

Joseph Natoli, Project Director SFSF


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