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The start of a new wave
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In August 2000 Schools for a Sustainable Future piloted a unique EcoNewsletter project. What we were trying to do was encourage schools and in particular students to focus on their environmental achievements and concerns and produce their own catchy newsletter that they would then distribute to their local community. We believed the newsletter would

  • Be great curriculum project to focus student learning and activity.
  • Publicise the many outstanding achievements that schools are doing in their efforts to care for the environment
  • Highlight the work and ideas of important Environmental education bodies Raise community awareness of sustainability issues.

Eco Newsletters Highlights Top of Page

An outstanding entry from Cobden Technical school. It demonstrated an excellent range of activities and showed how a school can be active in a wide range of environmental programs which provide leadership to the local community. Cobden distributed the newsletter to a number of feeder schools as well as the broader community

An enthusiastic newsy submission from Darley PS (Werribee). It highlighted how quickly and effectively a school can develop effective waste wise practices with an enthusiastic teacher . It also shows how the school intends to quickly move onto a broader range of environmental projects after its initial success. Darley wants to install water tanks. a family forest , vegetable gardens etc.

A nice piece of work from Altona Green PS. They took particular pride in highlighting their Wetlands project and even said this was the first action as a Waste Wise school! Of course they also went on to paper recycling and organic waste recycling.

A particularly attractive newsletter from Glen Waverely Sth. They even came up with a catchy title "The Environmental Age". One of the most striking feature was a brilliant poem written by one of the Grade 5 children. Its breathtaking.

The Green Thumb Newsletter by Hughesdale PS featured the Worming into the Community project they undertook through SFSF during 2000. It made a big impression on the children and they focussed on it for their newsletter.

Pinewood PS outlined a wide variety of environmental projects and in particular their commitment to integrating their curriculum into the environment through the Learnscapes project in 2001.

Oakleigh PS showed off a range of energy, water and recycling projects that have been operational for a number of years.

Albany Rise PS also highlighted their Worming into the Community project. I felt theirs was a particularly commendable effort because in the last days of the production their computers were stolen (with the information) and the computers subsequently had a serious virus attack. The teacher in charge, Elaine Cook, was not particularly experienced with Publisher but despite the troubles managed to complete the newsletter.



Our Sponsors and Supporters and their Prizes Top of Page

Many thanks to EcoRecycle Victoria as the major Sponsor for our EcOnewsletter project. We were delighted with the response from Waste Wise schools and look forward to hearing from many more Waste Wise schools this year.

Supporters of the EcoNewsletters offered over $4,500 worth of prizes to participating schools. These were much appreciated and we believe recogised the excellent efforts made by students and teachers.

ALC offered to copy the newsletters of six schools for distribution in their community. These schools will be able to promote their activities through the school community and local outlets at no expense. Cobden Tech, Albany Rise PS, Hughesdale PS, Pinewood PS, Glen Waverley Sth and Darley PS.

We also awarded a ALC recycled Park Bench to Cobden Tech for both an excellent newsletter and their outstanding environmental efforts in their community.

Bulleen Art and Garden offered $800 of trees to participating schools. We distributed this award to four schools and again many thanks.

CERES the outstanding Community Environmental Education Centre in Brunswick offered a great excursion as a prize. Congratulations to Glen Waverley Sth PS on receiving the prize.

The Royal Botanic Gardens also offered a great educational excursion to their gardens. Congratulations to Darley PS on receiving this prize.

Wharington International makes a brilliant range of recycled garden and furniture products. We were proud to award their planter pot to Albany Rise PS.

Monash Council supported the EcoNewsletter with a RELN worm farm and calico recycled bags. Congratulations to Mt Waverley Nth PS and Oakleigh PS who received these prizes.

The Australian Conservation Foundation was an enthusiastic supporter who offered 10 subscriptions to their Educational newsletters and Habitat magazines We are sure the schools who received these will become even more inspired this year.

Hands on Learnscapes also offered a subscription to their brilliant newsletter. Cobden Tech was also awarded this prize .

And finally SFSF awarded a Worming into the Community package to Altona Green PS. We look forward to working with Amanda and her students later this year.



This Years EcoNewsletters! Top of Page

We are on again! The closing date for this years newsletters is Sept 14th. Awards will be made at our Annual Presentation day in October so you have plenty of time to plan a really super newsletter and build it into your curriculum and school activities.

By the way you don't have to wait until September to submit your efforts. We know for example many schools want to publish a June or July newsletter. Great!

We will update the EcoNewsletter site and in particular supporters over the next 3 months.

Joseph Natoli


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