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Joseph Natoli, SFSF Project Director, surrounded by happy, enthusiastic children
Maroondah City Council
January 2000

Maroondah City Council

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Inside this issue:

Become a Waste Wise School

Tree Planting Day at Loughie's Bushland

Environmental Projects at Whitefriars College

Looking After Their Future - Yarra Valley Grammar Junior School

Knox Park Primary School & Lakewood Nature Reserve

Waste Wise Schools - the word is out

Towards a Sustainable Future at Norwood Secondary College

The Future Starts Here - Bayswater North Primary School


Our Vision


in our Earth

The super fund for our retirement and
our children's future

The most valuable legacy we can leave our children will be a world that can offer them the clean water, rich soil, natural resources and moderate climate we inherited.

Without these basics their future and our retirement will be blighted.


Steps Towards Sustainability

Like many innovative local Councils, Maroondah City Council has committed itself to leading their local community to a sustainable lifestyle. In that context it has developed a range of strategic goals for the local environment. In 1999 the Council was involved in following initiatives to achieve these goals.

Maroondah Civic Centre

Participation in the Cities for Climate Protection Campaign - an international program intended to reduce greenhouse gas emissions within Council and community activities.

Wastewise program - a local initiative to facilitate waste minimisation and litter education programs in Maroondah

Environment Consultative Committee - a community committee which advises Council on its environmental activities

Environment Monitor Unit (EMU) - a group of Council staff who undertake waste minimisation and energy conservation within Council operations

Waterways strategy - a plan to enhance the recreational, amenity, habitat, water quality and open space values along Maroondah's waterways and waterway reserves.

Brushy Creek Wildlife Corridor Revegetation program involving the community.

Weedwise program - an incentive scheme to encourage residents to remove weeds which invade nearby bushland, thus reducing its biodiversity. A Pest Plant brochure is available for residents to help identify and control major weeds and a Flora of Maroondah poster helps to identify indigenous species needing protection.

Training staff in a Home Energy Rating Scheme for new houses being built in Maroondah.

Elm Leaf beetle advice and control kits for residents

Chemical use policy for Council activities

Work for the Dole program involving participants in weed removal in Hochkins Ridge Flora Reserve

Sponsorship of a number of schools in the Schools for a Sustainable Future program. Council will sponsor a further four schools in 2000.

We hope that through SFSF activities, current generations of children will better understand sustainability and pass this message onto family and friends and their own children in the future.

While Council can facilitate a number of these programs and set an example in its environmental activities, true success relies on community participation and ownership of their local area.

This involves recognising how day to day behaviour, such as energy use in the home, responsible control of garden weeds and minimising waste plays a crucial role in maintaining and improving our quality of life.

Council and other organisations can help answer questions relating to these matters and hopes that its activities can raise awareness and change attitudes within the community to help us all live more sustainably.

Vivienne Fraser
Conservation Planner
Maroondah Council








































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